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Irving Oil Hand Sanitizer products

Soft on hands. Tough on germs.

Our full range of products are formulated to target harmful bacteria and germs that can cause viruses, such as COVID-19. Together we can keep our communities safe.

You can purchase cases of Irving Hand Sanitizer by calling 1.800.574.6823.


Irving Oil Hand Sanitizer

Irving Hand Sanitizer

Disinfectant Spray

Irving Disinfectant Spray

  • 946 mL (case of 12)
  • 250 mL (case of 24)
  • 946 mL (case of 12)

Why choose our products

  • Licensed by Health Canada
  • Keeps hands soft even after multiple applications
  • Dries quickly without a sticky residue
  • Safe for all ages
  • Used in hospitals across Canada
  • Does not contain bleach, ammonia, phosphates, phenols, or other VOD-emitting ingredients
  • Licensed by Health Canada
  • Safe to use on nonporous, hard surfaces in your home, office and commercial locations
  • Unscented
  • Does not contain bleach, ammonia, phosphates, phenol, or other VOD emitting ingredients
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