Clone of Home Energy Solutions

Home heating made easy with Irving Energy

The right energy solution for your home

Whether it's propane or heating oil, we have the right fuel for you:

  • Propane is safe, burns clean and is very versatile. It can fuel your home, heat your water, appliances, barbecue and pool.
  • Our heating oil burns safely at very high temperatures, so it heats your home and water very quickly.


We’ll warmly welcome you to Irving Energy and help you get started with what you need to heat your home or run your appliances.

We have the equipment you need to heat your home safely and efficiently. Our full-service plans are competitively priced, and our expert technicians will come to your home for repairs and installation, so you have peace of mind.   

Use both propane and oil at home? We have price plans that will work for you. Plus, we have so many ways to save! Get exclusive savings at the pump at Irving Oil gas stations with AIR MILES™ Reward Miles with every home heating delivery.

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  • Safety


    Our customers’ well-being is our top priority. Our drivers and technicians will deliver your propane or heating oil safely to your home.  

  • Delivery


     We deliver heating fuel and propane to many of the communities we call home.

  • Reliability


    Always have the fuel you need without the worry. With easy and reliable delivery and service, we’ll get you set up to get your fuel automatically.

Have questions? Get expert energy advice.

Our team is standing by to help you choose the right heating fuel and equipment for your home heating needs.