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Since 1924 Irving Oil has developed a reputation for the highest quality products and services.  We produce and distribute over 1200 lubricant, chemical and DEF products for Canada, New England and around the world.  Our products were formulated to exceed industry standards, reduce downtime and work as hard as you do.

BIO-HYDRAULIC - Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

BIO-HYDRAULIC oil was specifically designed for any hydraulic system working in an environmentally sensitive area. Such areas dictate the use of oil where spills and leaks must have the least possible effect on animal, plant and water. Irving Bio-Hydraulic uses special biodegradable vegetable and synthetic base oils coupled with low toxicity additives. Choose this environmentally safe product without sacrificing the levels of performance that industrial customers require from their hydraulic oils.


IRVING HYDRAULIC - Premium Hydraulic Oil

HYDRAULIC series of oils are premium performance anti-wear hydraulic oils. They are blended from quality paraffinic mineral oil for its stability and high natural Viscosity Index, which gives these oils their ability to maintain their viscosity over a relatively wide range of operating temperatures. All grades of HYDRAULIC oils are fortified with additives to provide the best possible wear-protection and service life.



IRVING PREMIUM TRACTOR HYDRAULIC FLUID is a year-round, multi-grade product formulated for use in transmissions, final-drives, wet brakes and any farm tractors or construction equipment that uses a common fluid reservoir. 


FORM OIL is a blend of quality pure paraffinic base oil and petroleum distillate and is used as a form-release agent with a rust-preventive coating.


FORM OIL CONTRACTOR acts as a form release agent with a rust preventative coating and used for the manufacture of precast concrete structures, walls, pipe, curbs and beams.


BIO FORM OIL oils are bio based, biodegradable and water soluble. This oil has been formulated to act as an excellent lubricant while ensuring very little danger to the environment.



MACHINE & CUTTING OIL 185 has a highly refined mineral oil component that ensures it does not smoke under normal operating conditions. Machine & Cutting Oil 185 has enhanced anti-wear properties and is non-corrosive to copper and its alloys. 

GEAR OIL - Extreme Heavy Duty Gear Oil

GEAR OIL is intended for use as heavy-duty, Extreme Pressure (EP) oil for industrial gear sets. Each grade in the series is blended from quality, high viscosity index (VI) paraffinic base oils.


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