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Since 1924 Irving Oil has developed a reputation for the highest quality products and services.  We produce and distribute over 1200 lubricant, chemical and DEF products for Canada, New England and around the world.  Our products were formulated to exceed industry standards, reduce downtime and work as hard as you do.

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MARINE LSX - Premium Marine Engine Oil

MARINE LSX is premium oil designed for the lubrication of the crankcase of large, low-speed, crosshead engines used in marine vessel applications. Crosshead engines differ from trunk engines in that the connecting rod, between the piston and the crankshaft, is hinged in the middle. This allows the top part of the connecting rod, along with the piston, to experience purely vertical motion, with no side-to-side forces, effectively eliminating uneven wear of the cylinder walls. For lubrication, this arrangement also allows the piston-cylinder area to be separate from the crankcase of the engine so that the crankcase lubricant does not have to contend with the high levels of contaminating soot and acids that are a feature of the piston-cylinder area. Such oils are called System oils and they lubricate all parts of the engine except the piston-cylinder area, where specialized Cylinder oil is required.

MARINE MTX - Medium Speed Marine Diesel Oil

MARINE MTX is premium oil designed for the lubrication of the medium-speed trunk type diesel engines in marine service. These oils are blended from top quality paraffinic base oils for their stability and high natural Viscosity Index (VI). They provide an optimum balance of detergency, oxidation and corrosion resistance, water tolerance and wear prevention.


WAYLUBE - Premium Slideway Lubricant

WAYLUBE uses high quality paraffinic base oils with select additives to ensure a high-performance lubricant designed for use on the slide-ways of machine tools. Slide-ways or any flat metal surfaces sliding over one another are prone to chatter due to sticking and slipping. This stick-slip action reduces the accuracy of the machining operation and leads to high and uneven wear of the metal surfaces.


SOLUBLE #2 - Metal Working Fluid with Bactericide

SOLUBLE 2 oil is a metal-working fluid designed to emulsify easily with water and is especially effective in the machining of ferrous metals. This formulation has an effective rust inhibitor and a bactericide to prevent disagreeable odors. In its heaviest concentrations (10 parts water to 1 part oil) it is suitable for slow-speed, medium to heavy machining operations that includes threading, tapping, drilling and broaching.

PAPER MACHINE 220SP - Ashless, Non Detergent Lubricant

PAPER MACHINE 220SP is a heavy duty, non detergent, ashless circulating oil for the paper making industry. It is made with premium paraffin base oils for good stability and high viscosity index (VI).


ROCKDRILL - High Tack, EP Oil

ROCKDRILL oils are specially blended from quality paraffinic base oils and compounded with antirust, tackiness and extreme pressure (EP) additives. Extra care has been taken to ensure that ROCKDRILL oils have lower odors and stray mist levels than any competitive oils, improving the environment around working air tools particularly when they are being used in confined or enclosed spaces, such as in underground mining operations.



Irving IDO Universal oils are blended from select high viscosity base stocks and low-ash additives.  This formulation has added detergent to ensure engine cleanliness, minimized ring-sticking and reduced liner-scuffing.


IDO UNIVERSAL 0W-30 & 5W-40 oils are blended from select high viscosity index full synthetic base stocks.  This low-ash formulation was designed with a robust additive package to ensure engine cleanliness, minimize ring-sticking, reduce liner-scuffing, prevent sludge formation, reduce bearing corrosion and assist with reduction of engine rusting. The formulations anti-wear and antifoam additives reduce wear and protect against air entrapment.

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