Winter propane safety

Winter propane safety

Staying safe this winter

Here are some tips on how to keep your home and business safe as you use propane this winter heating season

Before winter arrives

  • Have a licensed Irving Energy Technician clean and service your home heating equipment (it is recommended this be done annually)
  • It is recommended you have UL-approved carbon monoxide and propane detectors

After winter arrives

  • Before a snowstorm, mark the location of your tanks and vents
  • Clean snow and ice from tanks, regulators, appliance vents, piping, tubing and valves, being careful not to damage the tank or system components (a broom works well)
  • By maintaining a clear path to your tank, you will help ensure safe delivery of your propane

Staying safe all year long

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

  • It is recommended that you use UL-approved carbon monoxide and propane detectors

Get to know your heating system

  • Know the location of your tank(s), chimney or exhaust vents
  • Know where and how to shut off your tanks and appliances
  • Have a licensed technician clean and service your appliances every year

Be alert for potential issues

  • Regularly look for signs of gas leaks in and around your home
  • If you see damage to the lines or if your tank has shifted position, turn off the main gas supply valve to your tank if it is safe to do so

Once the supply valve has been turned off, call us at 1.888.310.1924 for further assistance