Benefits of Propane

Irving Energy Propane

Irving propane for heating & so much more

Why choose Irving propane? Along with being safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly, you can always count on the Irving Energy team for 24/7 service and on-time propane deliveries.

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  • What are the benefits of propane?


    In addition to being a versatile heating option, choosing Irving propane means automatic delivery and free propane tank installation. Have more questions? Visit our propane FAQ.

  • How can I use propane?


    Whether you're building a home or converting to propane, our products can be used to efficiently heat your home or garage. You can also use propane for pools, fireplaces, kitchen stoves and BBQs. Learn more about what propane equipment will work best in your home. 

  • Does Irving deliver propane near me?


    We serve and deliver to cities and towns in Northern New England states of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Check and see if we deliver to your community here.

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