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What is automatic delivery and how does it work?

Automatic delivery uses sophisticated computer software to predict when you’ll need your heating oil or propane delivered. This software considers things such as the size of your home or building, your usage rate and even the temperature outside. We are constantly re-calculating delivery dates to ensure you always have fuel in the tank to keep your home and family cozy.

If the weather gets colder, we will adjust your delivery date. And, with each delivery, the software has new information to further improve its ability to predict – so your deliveries just keep getting more accurate!

Automatic delivery is also a great solution for keeping a second home or cottage warm.

Why should I consider automatic delivery?

With automatic delivery, you get peace of mind. We monitor your usage and book deliveries as you need them, so you don’t need to worry about constantly checking your tank and remembering when to call for a delivery. Life is just too busy these days – let our automatic delivery program take care of you.

How do I schedule a delivery?

If you are running on empty, we want to get you oil as soon as possible. Call us immediately at 1.888.310.1924 and we will dispatch a truck to you as soon as we can, based on our delivery schedules. Call to confirm delivery in more remote markets. Click here to see if we deliver in your area.

Is there a special delivery charge if I need an emergency delivery?

If you need a delivery and are not one of our automatic delivery customers, there could be a delivery fee of $95 – depending on your location and our scheduled delivery route. However, if you are on automatic delivery, there is no fee.


How often should I have my heating equipment serviced?

Equipment manufacturers recommend having your heating system maintained by a professional once a year. An annual check-up keeps your equipment working at optimal energy efficiency and helps avoid costly repairs. Our technicians are trained to maintain your heating equipment. Our annual heating system check-up includes a safety check, cleaning and tune-up. To learn about our equipment, click here

Payment and billing

What methods of payment do you accept?

For residential home heating customers, we accept EFT (electronic funds transfer), wire transfer, credit card, check or cash (at one of our payment centers).

For commercial heating customers, we accept EFT (electronic funds transfer), wire transfer, check or cash (at one of our payment centers).

How can I pay my bill?

To make bill paying convenient, we offer three payment options:

  • Set up automatic electronic funds transfer (EFT) from your bank account by calling our team of energy experts at 1.888.310.1924
  • Call us at 1.888.310.1924 and pay with a credit card or set up an automatic credit card deduction
  • Mail a cheque to one of the following addresses:
    • Canada
      • P.O. Box 5000, Saint John, NB  E2L 4Z7
    • New England
      • P.O. Box 11013 Lewiston, ME  04243

Can I get my Irving Energy statements and invoices emailed to me?

Yes, we can email invoices and statements to you. It is a quick and easy way to receive your billing and reduces paper use to help protect our environment. If you’d like to get set up, please call us at 1.888.310.1924 or contact us online.

New accounts

How can I set up an account?

Just call 1.800.IRVING1 and one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps will help set you up. Learn about our current offers for new Irving Energy customers.

Customer service

What are your customer service business hours?

Monday – Friday

Business hours: 7 am-7 pm 
Emergency service: 24 hours a day


Business hours: 8 am-2 pm 
Emergency service: 24 hours a day


Closed for normal business

Emergency service available 24 hours a day

All times above are local

Emergency service and delivery

We’re here for you 24 hours a day for emergencies – just call 1.888.310.1924 and our Emergency Response Team will dispatch our service or delivery team.

How does Irving Energy support local communities?

Irving Energy offers more than just warm homes and hot showers to the places where we live and work. We also play a role in the communities we serve with our Fuel the Care program and by supporting Special Olympics Athletes with our Fueling Dreams campaign.

Digging or Renovating?

Are you renovating your home or landscaping your property?

Digging during renovations could damage your underground propane lines, telephone, hydro and cable TV wires, as well as water and sewer connections. This could cut off service not just to your home, but to the entire neighbourhood and cause a safety risk to yourself and others.

If you’re going to be digging in your yard, please give us a call at 1.888.310.1924 so we can send a technician to locate and mark your underground propane line.

You should also call DIG LINE before digging. Please call 1.888.DIG-LINE (1.866.344.5463).
CLICK HERE to link to the Atlantic Canada Dig Line web site

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Our team of energy experts is standing by to help answer your questions. Contact us today!