IBP Hand Sanitizer Story

Shifting gears to help those in need

Irving Hand Sanitizer is now on our production line

Irving Hand Sanitizer is now part of our production line at our Irving Blending & Packaging facility in Saint John, NB. We’re proud to use our innovative technology and skill to adapt to changing circumstances and meet the needs of our customers.

Members of our team – from blenders to lab technicians – all worked to shift our production lines to ensure our hand sanitizer gets to those who need it nationwide.

“You see it develop from these raw materials and now we have a product going out to the market to help those who need it,” says Amanda Aylward, an Environmental Project Manager who helped formulate the hand sanitizer blend.

To bring this project to fruition, our teams sourced raw materials, developed and tested formulations and prepared the product for distribution – all within a matter of weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As part of our commitment to support our communities, we donated cases of Irving Hand Sanitizer to local organizations, supporting essential services in times of need – from hospitals, to nursing homes and food banks.