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  • Improved Irving Rewards dashboard view featuring current rewards balance, purchases, receipts and more
  • Advanced Irving Oil location finder 
  • Promotions and exclusive offers

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How do I add Irving Rewards to the MyIRVING app?

After you download the app, pick up an Irving Rewards card at your local Irving Oil gas station and register the card on the app. After you register your Irving Rewards card, apply for Irving Debit Pay to enjoy additional savings at the pump.

Does this replace my Irving Rewards card?

No. You can register your Irving Rewards card on the app, use it to view your rewards and transactions, all while continuing to swipe your card and enjoy saving.

Can I make payments with my credit card on the MyIRVING app?

Payments through the MyIRVING app will only be made through your Irving Debit Pay account.

Will the Mobile Pay feature replace Irving Debit Pay?

The new Irving Mobile Pay feature will only work with Irving Debit Pay. The feature allows you to pay at the pump with your mobile device and charge it to your Irving Debit Pay account.

How does Mobile Pay work?

You’ll first need be an Irving Rewards member and be registered for Irving Debit Pay. Mobile Pay allows you to use your mobile device to make purchases through your Irving Debit Pay. You’ll have the convenience of paying at the pump in addition to saving on fuel.

Where can I use the app’s Mobile Pay feature?

Mobile Pay will be limited to a number of sites in our network with plans to add more sites soon.

Can I use Mobile Pay to pay for my Irving Energy home heating?

We anticipate offering this at a future time.

I’m having technical issues - who do I contact?

You can contact [email protected] or call 1.888.273.5222 Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm EST.