Bosch Greenstar 100

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Up to 95% AFUE rating
Bosch Greenstar 100 Propane Boiler
An efficient, reliable and ultra-quiet propane boiler which can be wall mounted in your home or apartment.
Ideal For
  • Propane 

  • Indoor 

  • Residential, including apartments 

  • Available in both heating-only and combi versions 

  • Insulated for ultra-quiet operation 

  • Available in both wall-hung and floor-standing models:

    • Wall-hung models are perfect for installations where space is limited 

    • Floor-standing models help make boiler replacements quick and easy 

  • Equipped with an advanced Aluminum-Silicon alloy heat exchanger, offering increased flexibility versus traditional stainless steel 
  • A fully modulating fan helps maximize efficiency by ensuring optimal combustion when operating – this can help you meet the heating demands in your home and save energy. 

  • Corrosion-resistant heating blocks designed to optimize clean burning combustion over an extra-large surface area