Santé et sécurité

La sécurité, c'est notre mode de vie

Santé et sécurité

La sécurité est une valeur fondamentale essentielle à notre façon d’exercer nos activités chaque jour. C’est pourquoi nous nous efforçons de bien faire les choses, en tout temps.


We applied new measures to improve safety performance after experiencing slight increases in our company-wide recordable injuries (RIF) and lost-time injuries (LTIR) in 2022.

Hundreds of hours are spent each year on emergency response training at our facilities, including firefighting, rescue, medical response and incident management systems. 

We’ve expanded the roll-out of the weCommit program across the company. The weCommit culture of “Do the right thing, the right way, every time” is supported by the encouragement of five behaviours.

  • Seek knowledge
  • Ask questions
  • Follow procedures
  • Be accountable
  • Back up team members

We've expanded our team and developed new external partnerships to improve our capabilities in incident response, threat intelligence and operational technology cyber security, and introduced mandatory Privacy Breach Awareness training.