Keep your family and business safe

Your safety matters most

Here are some tips to keep your home or business safe this heating season.

Before winter arrives:

•  Mark the location of your tank(s), fill pipe, chimney and exhaust vents, so they can be easily located.

•  Make sure you know how to shut off the main supply valve of your propane or oil tank as well as appliances such as your furnace, boiler, fireplace or water heater.

•  Have a technician licensed by Irving Energy clean and service your home heating equipment (it is recommended this be done annually).

•  Install a UL-approved carbon monoxide detector.


After winter arrives:

•  Clear snow and ice off the top of tanks, gauges, fittings and lines. By doing so, you’ll prevent snow or ice buildup that can cause leaks. We recommend using a broom to avoid damaging the tank or system components.

•  If safe to do so, clear snow and ice from appliance vents, chimneys and flues so they can vent properly. A lack of ventilation can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

•  If safe to do so, carefully remove heavy icicles or large amounts of snow from the roof area above your tank and piping.

•  Maintain a clear path to your tank to help ensure safe delivery of your propane and heating oil.

If you smell oil, propane, or suspect a leak:

Extinguish flames or sparks (propane)
Do not operate lights, telephones or cellphones.

Leave the area (propane)
Have everyone evacuated immediately from the building or area of the leak.

Shut it off (oil and propane)
If safe to do so, turn off the main supply valve on your tank.

Call emergency services (propane)
From a safe location away from the leak, call your local fire department or dial 911.

Let us know (oil and propane)
Call Irving Energy at 1.888.310.1924.

Things to keep in mind:

Dig safe
Whether it’s for repairs, renovations or landscaping projects, contact your municipality before beginning any digging or excavating projects.

Take care of your pets
If a technician is working in your home, please keep your pets in a safe, enclosed area.

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Did you know?
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