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Text Component


Title/Subtitle is not mandatory.  

You can put as much text as your desire in the text field, like this. 

Text with links grid component

  • Grid Callout


    A grid call out can be as large as three columns

  • This is another example


    You don't have to have additional text 

  • Solid Background


    You don't need to use an image, you can also use Irving colours (Red, Blue, Spice Blue)


Image Text Variation Title


This is the most popular. The title can be Grey, Red, Blue, Spice Blue



You can add an intro if you want 

This set requires use of the arrow keys to navigate each heading instead of the tab key. use the enter key to open the content below the heading

Can this be a question?

Yes! The answer can go here. 

Group 1: General

Sometimes we have used this as more of a grouping tool for FAQ's. 

Tabs - You don't need a Title

You can write information here!


Four tabs looks best right now, but soon we will switch to be able to have just 2 or 3! 

Quote component


Subtitle is not required.

Here you can add text, as much as you want! In the past, we have used this component for more 'story-like' pages. Such as when we introduce our Senior Leadership Team! Not something we use often, but wanted to share. I am going to continue to write random things, to fill up the text box so you can truly see how this component works! From here, you can choose a quote to be featured. I love fish tacos, and the Big Stop Restaurant. FIsh tacos are life! 

I love fish tacos!

Text/Contact Combo

you don't need a subtitle

You can use any of the Irving colours for the title and subtitle. This is just a text field. 

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FYI :)

Our components are evolving with new fixes (some small & some bigger).  There will also be new components coming soon too, like TABLES. If you ever have questions, or ideas or thoughts - you can ask Allison or Anthony!