Refinery Turnaround Recruitment Campaign

Let’s accomplish something great together!
Join Operation Ram.


As we prepare for our fall turnaround, our contractor partners are working with the local Building Trade Unions to supply the skilled workforce. If you’re a tradesperson who values safe and respectful worksites, competitive compensation & incentives and enjoys working in a team environment, please join our turnaround team!

Turnaround schedule: September 17 to November 3, 2023

Why choose to be part of our team?

•   Safety is a core value at Irving Oil and an everyday focus on site

•   We offer a competitive compensation package with incentives for eligible skilled tradespeople that includes:
     - Sign-on and retention incentives ranging from $1,000 to $2,000
     - Travel reimbursement
     - Living out allowance (LOA) paid 7 days per week
     - All overtime is paid as double time during the fall turnaround (subject to and in accordance with the applicable collective agreement)

•   Attractive shift schedule: 6 x 1 schedule, 10-hour shifts, both days and nights

•   On-site busing will be provided for select work locations to reduce walking distances

•   Sanitary facilities that are inspected and cleaned regularly

•   You’ll work with a team of industry professionals

•   You'll live and work in Saint John, NB, where you can enjoy restaurants, a friendly community and local attractions

•   You'll be able to take advantage of preferred rates at select hotels when booking your accommodations

•   You'll be eligible for safety incentives

For additional information, please contact your local Building Trade Unions or send us an email at [email protected].

The origins of the name: Operation Ram

Rams are a symbol of power, strength and achievement. To successfully accomplish the fall turnaround at our Saint John Refinery, it is important that the skilled tradespeople embody the spirit of the mighty ram.


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Do you pay double time for overtime?

Double time will be paid in accordance with the applicable collective agreements governing the work. Please contact your local trade union or any one of our partnering contractors for additional information.

Do you pay living out allowance (LOA)?

Yes, eligible workers will receive a living out allowance (LOA) seven days per week during the turnaround.

Do you pay travel assistance?

Yes, eligible workers will receive initial and return travel reimbursement for the turnaround.

Although I am an experienced tradesperson, I am not a member of a union. Can I apply?

Please reach out to the applicable local union to express your interest in this opportunity as the majority of skilled trades for the turnaround will be employed by unionized contractors.

Can apprentices apply for the turnaround?

Yes. We recommend reaching out to your local union to express your interest in this opportunity.

What days will I have off?

The base schedule is six days on and one day off (typically Sunday). This will be determined and confirmed by your supervisor once you are hired.

Are you hiring students?

We have completed our student hiring for the season. However, there may be opportunities available through our partnering contractors.