Weil McLain

Up to 91% AFUE rating
The Weil McLain GV90+ is one of the preferred boilers of homeowners. This boiler has proven cast iron longevity, a low maintenance design and streamline controls with simple setup.
Ideal For
  • Homes using propane
  • Corrosion resistant, stainless steel condensing secondary heat exchanger increases efficiency by recouping heat energy from exhaust normally wasted when vented from the building
  • Lower water temperature also allows homeowners the flexibility to add radiant heating for kitchens, baths or other living spaces without the added cost of special return temperature controls
  • Durable cast iron primary heat exchanger
  • Condensing stainless steel secondary heat exchanger
  • Unique seven pass heat exchanger design maximizes heat transfer
  • Vents with PVC and multiple venting options (direct vent, direct exhaust, concentric)
  • Floor model available