Cobra lubricants

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With history comes reliability


Our values of customer service and reliability date back to when Irving Oil was founded in New Brunswick in 1924. As our company grew to meet our customers’ needs throughout Canada and New England, we began producing Cobra lubricants at our state-of-the-art Irving Blending & Packaging facility in Saint John, NB, Canada.

We are proud of our commitment to our customers and look forward to sharing our expertise with you.


Tested for quality at every step


As an ISO 9001 company, Irving Blending & Packaging has made a commitment to quality. Every Cobra product is tested by our on-site laboratory at each step in its journey from raw materials to finished products.

Our high-quality Cobra products include lubricants, engine oils, motor oil, process oil, form oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, chain oil, antifreeze, fluids, solvents, kerosene, universal tractor fluids and DEF.


A team to support you


Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Working together, we’ll support you and your customers. We’d love to hear from you, whether you have a technical question or would like to learn the benefits of becoming a distributor.

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