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Bringing good energy everywhere we serve

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    As a family-owned company deeply rooted in our communities, we work hard to make a difference in the places we serve.  

    By partnering with organizations that build capacity in our communities, we invest in programs and initiatives that empower the next generation and create more equitable access to energy. We support our employees in making the positive changes they want to see in the world.

    Our targets:

    • By 2030, to annually support 25%* more families who are accessing vital services related to their health and well-being.
    • By 2030, to increase the number of youth and young adults who participate in the programming we support by 25%*.
    • By 2030, to see 50%* of our employees participating annually in our Good Energy in Action program. 
    • To help at least 175 families in need each year, by donating energy needed to help heat their homes.
    • To support one non-profit organization in each of the countries we serve (Canada, the US and Ireland), by providing fuel to service their vehicles for a period of one year.
    • To create more opportunities for employee participation in youth mentorship initiatives so that by 2030, 25% of all volunteer hours tracked through Good Energy in Action directly support the education and empowerment of youth.

    *above 2019 levels

We put our energy into nurturing the next generation of diverse global citizens by investing in inclusive and equitable education and development opportunities for young people. Our approach expands our focus to include students across disciplines and works with our partners to reduce inequities in education. 

Ensuring access to safe and reliable energy drives change, creates opportunity and supports progress. Our goal of making access to energy more equitable is focused on both the local and global scale:

  1. Our support and engagement in the global mission of the Arthur L. Irving Institute for Energy and Society at Dartmouth College to advance an affordable, sustainable and reliable energy future for the benefit of society.  
  2. Our local programs that provide relief for families in need of fuel to access vital services related to their health and well-being. 

Since 2002, our Fuel the Care  program has provided fuel cards to families in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, New England and Ireland travelling to receive medical care for a child. 

Our employees are the heart of our community giving program. Together, we are proud to be a force for positive change in our communities and in the world around us.  

Our Good Energy in Action workplace giving program empowers our employees to contribute in the ways that matter most to them – through donation matching, dedicated work time to volunteer and by recognizing employees’ personal volunteer time, acts of kindness, actions to protect the planet and to learn about matters of social justice.