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Propane benefits for your business

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  • Safe


    Propane is a safe fuel for your business, with built-in safety features. In the unlikely event of a leak, you can easily detect an odour.

    Additionally, propane turns into a vapour that does not harm the soil, air or aquifers. It dissipates quickly into the atmosphere and only requires a small amount of air movement to disperse.*

  • Cost-effective


    Propane is an exceptionally cost-effective fuel option due to its highly efficient performance and lower insurance cost due to no risk of contamination.*

    Have questions about the price of propane in your area? Contact one of our experts in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI or Newfoundland. 

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  • Environmentally friendly


    Propane is one of the cleanest and most versatile energy sources. Recognized for its low environmental impact by the Alternative Fuels Act, propane’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are significantly lower than most fuels.*

    •A propane furnace averages 38% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than oil furnaces.

    •A propane water heater averages 52% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electric water heaters.

  • Versatile


    In addition to keeping your business warm and cozy during the winter, you can also use propane all year long for cooking (gas stoves), powering your appliances (fridges and freezers, washing machines and dryers), heating your water and much more.

  • Reliable


    In addition to operating the largest refinery in Canada, we have a vast distribution network throughout Atlantic Canada.

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