Goodman Two Stage Propane Furnace

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Up to 80% AFUE rating
Goodman Two Stage Propane Furnace
A gas heating system that works efficiently to warm your home.
Ideal For
  • Propane 

  • Indoor 

  • Residential 

  • Efficient and quiet variable-speed blower 

  • Comfort Bridge Communicating System compatible 

  • Silicon Nitride igniter which is durable and has a long life 

  • A quiet and economical home heating system 

  • Airflow system gently ramps up or down according to heating or cooling demand and provides better comfort 

  • Capable of using communicating and non-communicating two-stage or single-stage thermostats 

  • Operates on two-stage or single-stage thermostats 

  • Heavy-duty aluminized-steel tubular heat exchanger