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Since 1924 Irving Oil has developed a reputation for the highest quality products and services.  We produce and distribute over 1200 lubricant, chemical and DEF products for Canada, New England and around the world.  Our products were formulated to exceed industry standards, reduce downtime and work as hard as you do.

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FORM OIL is a blend of quality pure paraffinic base oil and petroleum distillate and is used as a form-release agent with a rust-preventive coating.


FORM OIL CONTRACTOR acts as a form release agent with a rust preventative coating and used for the manufacture of precast concrete structures, walls, pipe, curbs and beams.


BIO FORM OIL oils are bio based, biodegradable and water soluble. This oil has been formulated to act as an excellent lubricant while ensuring very little danger to the environment.


GEAR OIL - Extreme Heavy Duty Gear Oil

GEAR OIL is intended for use as heavy-duty, Extreme Pressure (EP) oil for industrial gear sets. Each grade in the series is blended from quality, high viscosity index (VI) paraffinic base oils.


SYN GEAR OIL - Full Synthetic Gear Oil

Syn Gear oils are formulated with high-quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils and premium additives, offering outstanding EP protection and load-carrying capacity to help protect gear surfaces operating where heavy loads and extreme pressures are present.

HDH – Heavy Duty Hypoid Gear Oil

HDH oils are extreme pressure (EP) automotive gear lubricants made from high quality, high viscosity index (VI) paraffinic base oils. Recommended for light and heavy-duty axels and heavy-duty non-synchronized manual transmissions. These oils are also suitable for outdoor industrial applications with enclosed gear sets that require high film strength. 


SYN TRANS 50 – Synthetic Manual Transmission Oil

SYN TRANS 50 is a full synthetic heavy-duty SAE 50 manual transmission oil formulated for transmissions and gear cases of off-warranty vehicles, where API GL-1 through GL-4 is recommended. 


MARINE LCX - Premium Marine Cylinder Oil

Marine LCX oils are premium marine cylinder oils designed for crosshead diesel engines.  These oils are blended with high-quality paraffinic base oils and a detergent system that can handle modern engines' high temperatures and pressures.


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