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Below you will find the details and specs for our quality products. All of our products are licensed by API and ILSAC and meet industry standards.

Cobra Product Block

Cobra Product Block

Cobra Process Oils

Cobra Process Oils are high-quality refined paraffinic mineral and  polyalphaolefin (PAO) oils, containing no additives, available in different base oil groups and viscosity grades.

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Cobra UTF

Cobra UTF (Universal Tractor Fluid) is a multi-application lubricant for transmissions, differentials, final drive planetary gears, wet brakes and hydraulic systems of farm tractors and construction equipment having a common fluid reservoir.

Cobra Performance All-Season Motor Oil

Cobra Performance has been formulated to exceed the performance requirements of the latest API SP and ILSAC GF-6A specifications. These specifications have superior oxidation resistance and fuel economy performance compared to the previous API SN PLUS and GF-5 categories. 

Cobra Form Oils

Cobra Form Oils are blended with high quality paraffinic base oils and a fatty substance designed for use as a form-releasing agent with rust-preventive coating.

Cobra DIFF

Cobra DIFF is an extreme pressure (EP) automotive gear lubricant. It is designed to be effective at providing protection against rust corrosion and foam and reducing the formation of sludge and deposits.

Cobra DEF

Cobra DEF is an API certified 32.5% aqueous urea solution manufactured with technically pure urea and deionized water designed to meet the specifications of ISO 22241-1:2019.

Cobra Bar & Chain Oil

Cobra Bar & Chain Oils have been formulated for heavy-duty chain-saw use. This product is available in four different grades: light (winter), medium (mid-season), heavy (summer) and a high viscosity 250.

Cobra Hydraulic

Cobra Hydraulic Oils are designed for low and medium-duty hydraulic systems. They are formulated with anti-wear additives that provide wear and corrosion protection and good oxidation resistance.

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