Sample how to

How to take your used oil sample

1. Ensure the unit being sampled is at normal operating temperature.

2. WITHOUT PUMP: Clean around drain plug. Allow approximately half of oil to run out, then take mid-stream sample.

3. WITH PUMP: Install new plastic hose on pump for each sample; screw bottle on to pump; insert hose into oil approximately halfway to bottom of sump: pump bottle three-quarters full. For systems with sample fitting: remove dust cap from fitting; remove rubber plug from end of pump and insert needle on pump into sample fitting. Fill bottle three-quarters full.

4. Remove bottle and install cap.

5. Each kit comes with two labels: the primary label and the small sticker label. Please fill out both labels completely. Remove the backing from the sticker label and wrap it around the sample bottle.

6. Place the sample bottle and completed primary label inside the plastic mail container.