Diving deep with our team

Our gateway to the world

Diving deep with our team at sea

On the Bay of Fundy near Saint John, NB, our team of divers and operators work safely and efficiently to offload ships arriving at our Irving Canaport Marine Terminal from around the world.

These ships carry product that is received and processed at our Saint John refinery, the largest in Canada.

When a ship is ready to offload product, seven members of our team get onboard the vessel. From hooking up the equipment, offloading product and disconnecting, the whole process can take about 48 hours.

To monitor the system, divers slowly submerge 150 feet to the ocean floor from the Monobuoy, a floating terminal connecting ships to our onshore tanks via subsea pipeline. With our powerful Bay of Fundy tides, the team can only dive at slack tide, when the current is not too strong.

Diving in the Bay of Fundy is a unique experience. With our powerful tides, the team is only able to dive at slack tide – at its highest and lowest points – which takes place every six hours. Otherwise, the tide is too strong, especially below the surface.

On a ship or under the surface, in the summer or in the winter, our Irving Canaport team is an integral part to ensuring our supply chain runs smoothly from the very start.