Rinnai Condensing Propane Boiler

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Up to 95% AFUE rating
Rinnai Condensing Propane Boiler
Easy to use so you always have a warm home and hot water – it’s comfort you can count on.
Ideal For
  • Propane
  • Indoor
  • Residential, including apartments
  • Each model offers reduced space requirements compared to traditional propane boilers, allowing for quick installations in existing homes and new construction.
  • Rinnai propane boilers include on-board display for easy navigation. Additionally, an outdoor reset sensor continually adjusts to changing temperatures.
  • Choose between heat-only boilers or combination boilers, offering both heating and hot water all in one unit.
  • Simultaneous delivery of hot water and home heating without disruption.
  • Servo-based bypass control for precision domestic hot water (DHW) temperature control
  • Multiple heating zones possible.