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Since 1924 Irving Oil has developed a reputation for the highest quality products and services.  We produce and distribute over 1200 lubricant, chemical and DEF products for Canada, New England and around the world. Our products were formulated to exceed industry standards, reduce downtime and work as hard as you do.

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RR Oil - Medium Speed High Output Lubricant

RR OILS are formulated to satisfy the severe lubricant requirements of today’s medium speed, high output diesel engines, such as those typically found in locomotives, generator sets and inland marine vessels.

SYN TRAX - Synthetic Blend 2 Stroke Engine Oil

SYN TRAX is a premium synthetic blend lubricant designed for air and liquid-cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines where a low-ash oil is recommended.

TRAX - Multi-Use 2-Stroke Engine Oil

TRAX is a high-performance low-ash lubricant developed for air and liquid-cooled 2-stroke gasoline engines formulated with a pleasant vanilla scent.

2-CYCLE PLUS - Premium 2-Stroke Engine Oil

2-CYCLE Plus is a premium lubricant for water-cooled outboard 2-stroke gasoline engines. This formulation was designed to ensure low carbon, ashless performance, and improved ease of mixing with gasoline. 

WEARTEX - Semi-Fluid Extreme Pressure Grease

WEARTEX grease is a semi-fluid grease using a lithium complex thickener. It provides excellent rust protection and resistance to oxidation, giving long and durable service. WEARTEX’s semi-fluid nature allows for use in industrial gearboxes where heavy oils are otherwise required or where leaks from the housing make oils wasteful. 

LUBEX SYN – Full Synthetic

LUBEX SYN are full synthetic greases containing calcium sulfonate complex thickeners and synthetic PAO base oils. LUBEX SYN will give a longer life than conventional EP greases extending the time interval before re-greasing and reducing maintenance costs.

LUBEX MP - Multipurpose Grease

LUBEX MP are high-quality multipurpose extreme pressure greases formulated with lithium 12 hydroxy soap thickener and mineral oil. LUBEX MP greases are versatile, making them ideal for general machinery and chassis lubrication. They can also be used on plain, antifriction, and non-disc brake wheel bearings.


LUBEX FG - Multipurpose Food Grade Grease

LUBEX-FG is a premium multipurpose grease developed explicitly for the food industry with its non-toxic, odourless and tasteless characteristics and is NSF H1 registered. It is formulated with calcium sulfonate soap thickener, high-quality mineral oil and anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. 

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