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Since 1924 Irving Oil has developed a reputation for the highest quality products and services.  We produce and distribute over 1200 lubricant, chemical and DEF products for Canada, New England and around the world. Our products were formulated to exceed industry standards, reduce downtime and work as hard as you do.

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LUBEX EP 2 SPECIAL - High Performance Multipurpose Grease

LUBEX-EP SPECIAL is a high-performance extreme pressure (EP) grease formulated with lithium complex soap thickener, mineral oil and an added polymer to improve adhesion. It’s unique anti-wear and anti-corrosion inhibitors ensure optimal performance in demanding industrial and heavy commercial applications where typical EP grease is insufficient.

LUBEX EP - Premium Multipurpose Grease

LUBEX EP are premium multipurpose and extreme pressure greases developed with high-quality mineral oil and a lithium complex soap thickener. They provide top-level protection from extreme pressure (EP) load wear and damage. Lubex EP 1 and EP 2 are NLGI GC-LB certified for wheel bearing and chassis use.  

LUBEX CG – Coupling Grease

LUBEX CG are premium greases formulated with lithium 12 hydroxy soap thickener, high-quality mineral oils and enhanced adhesion and cohesion properties to resist high loads while staying in place. Their excellent adhesion properties make them suitable for applications where pressure squeeze-out can be an issue, such as pivots, hinges, knuckles and bushings.

AF-MOLY PLUS – 5% MoS₂ Heavy Duty Grease

AF-MOLY PLUS are heavy-duty extreme pressure greases formulated with lithium complex soap thickener and high-quality mineral oil. They are fortified with 5% molybdenum disulfide (MoS₂) to provide dry film lubrication for load-bearing surfaces in applications with friction and the tendency for squeezing out.

AF-MOLY 2 – 3% MoS₂ Heavy Duty Grease

AF-MOLY is a heavy-duty extreme pressure grease formulated with lithium complex soap thickener, high-quality base oils and 3% molybdenum disulfide (MoS₂) developed for industrial applications and automotive chassis lubrication where the grease may tend to be squeezed out. AF-MOLY is certified by the NLGI to its top-performance chassis grease rating, LB. 

AF-DR – Diamond Drill Rod Grease

AF-DR greases are superior-high-quality diamond drill rod greases formulated with barium sodium complex soap thickener and high-quality mineral oils. 

STALUBE - High-Performance Chain Oil

STALUBE oils are high-performance chain oils formulated especially for heavy-duty applications with chain saws and in industrial machinery where drippage is unwanted, unsightly or hazardous.

SAW SAVE - Saw Blade Oil

SAW SAVE is a lubricant formulated for use in sawmills and particularly on saw blades where water is also used to cool the blades. SAW SAVE lubricates and reduces friction while preventing sawdust, resins and gums from sticking to the saw blades.

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