Tank Monitor Awareness

Tank monitor

A small device with huge benefits

Check your tank levels 

With a tank monitor, you can view your tank levels anytime.
It’s easy – simply log into the My Account Portal. 

Deliveries when you need them  

Using the information provided by your tank monitor, we will remotely monitor the fuel level in your tank. This is how we know when to deliver to you and ensure you always have propane to keep your family warm and your appliances running. 

Tips to keep your monitor working properly 

Your tank monitor is essential to ensure you always have propane available. Here are some things to pay attention to that guarantee your monitor is working as efficiently as possible. 

Your monitor is magnetically attached to your tank and its ideal location is shown in the image below (on the front top of the tank on the side furthest away from your building or structure.). 



If it is placed in a different position, please reposition it or call us at 1.888.310.1924 for assistance.  

Here are some examples of where your tank monitor should NOT be placed. 

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To read your tank levels, your monitor must be connected to a gauge located at the top of the tank. 


If it is not connected, please connect it to the gauge or call us at 1.888.310.1924 for assistance. 


If you are worried your tank monitor isn’t working correctly, please call us at 1.888.310.1924 and provide us with your tank’s serial number.


Frequently asked questions

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Q.) Will the monitor use my Wi-Fi or interfere with my signal?

A.) The monitor does not use Wi-Fi and will never interfere with your home internet or cellular. We have partnerships with all the major mobile companies. The data is not using any customer Wi-Fi but a roaming cell through one of these providers. 

Q.) Will this monitor use any of my electricity?

A.) No, the monitor is battery-powered and we are responsible for changing the batteries when needed.

Q.) What if my monitor gets stolen or stops working? How will you know?

A.) Your monitor is pinged every morning and the data on how much fuel is in your tank is sent to us for review.  We will be notified if your monitor is no longer sending information and we will send a Service Technician to check on it. 

Q.) How will Irving Energy know when I need a delivery?

A.) As an auto-delivery customer, we are always monitoring your account. To help avoid runouts, we deliver when your tank hits a pre-determined level. 

Q.) What if I run out of propane?

A.) If you ever run out, we will give you a $100 credit to your account.

Q.) Who manages the monitors?  Does anyone else get my information?

A.) We own and manage your monitor and no one will have access to your information.  You can also log into your secure My Account Portal to access your tank levels. Levels are updated every morning and you will be able to see the percentage of propane in your tank at any time. 

Q.) How often is the My Account site updated with new tank monitor readings?

A.) The website is updated once daily with your new tank monitor reading.  

Q.) How does a tank monitor work?

A.) The propane gauge is attached to a wireless (cellular) monitor that sends the tank’s fuel level to our local office, allowing us to monitor how much fuel you have without an on-site visit.