Why choose Irving Energy?

Why choose Irving Energy?

Why choose Irving Energy?

Good question! We offer fuel delivery, a complete line of energy-efficient home heating equipment, installation services and maintenance in cities and towns throughout Atlantic Canada and Northern New England. But, we think these are the four things that make us unique:


1. Quality products when you need them

Get quality fuel and timely deliveries, tailored to your family’s needs. With a reliable product supply, and hassle-free, automated delivery by local drivers, we ensure your tank is always topped up, so you can be comfortable in your home, year-round.

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2. Local friendly service: Every day, 24/7

Enjoy local service from a local company. Since 1924, we’ve offered peace of mind to customers – when you need help, we’re just around the corner. We provide 24/7 customer service, 365 days of the year, including equipment services and expert technician assistance.

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3. Flexibility, value, and no surprises

Take the surprise out of your fuel bill and make it more predictable. We offer value and flexibility – because your household is unique. You decide on payment plan options, which include price protection, and enjoy our loyalty programs, all at your fingertips with an easy-to-use online account.

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4. We serve the communities where we live and work

When you choose Irving Energy, you’re helping to support meaningful causes in the community. Programs like Fuel the Care assist children and families who need it most. We also partner with local schools, environmental organizations and charities in the places we call home.

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