Irving Rewards FAQ

Frequently asked questions

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How do I earn fuel rewards with my Irving Rewards card?

Swipe your Irving Rewards card with each fuel and in-store purchase to earn rewards. You will receive a 3¢-per-litre reward on cumulative purchases of 150 litres in fuel or $25 in qualifying merchandise in the store.

Does my card have to be registered in order to earn and redeem?

Your card does not have to be registered in order to earn rewards. However, it does need to be registered for redemptions. Registering your card also ensures that you can participate in all Irving Rewards contests and promotions.

What is “qualifying merchandise” in the store?

You can earn rewards with the purchase of any product with the following exceptions: tobacco, lottery tickets, gift cards, gift certificates, prepaid cards, money orders, postage stamps, licenses, car wash and any other items that may be prohibited or restricted by applicable law.

Do my fuel savings rewards expire?

You have 90-days to use your reward after it is earned. After 90-days, unused rewards will expire. Please note, if your rewards were earned in 2019 or 2020, they will expire after your account reaches 365 days of inactivity.

Do all Irving locations participate in the Irving Rewards program?

You can find participating locations by visiting

If I forget to swipe my Irving Rewards card during a purchase, can the rewards be added to my card later with a receipt?

Rewards are electronically assigned to a member account at the time of the transaction only. This applies to all Irving Rewards card transactions at the pump and in the store.

Am I able to combine loyalty programs on one transaction? (such as CAA)

You are unable to use two different rewards programs on a single transaction.

Can my card be used at Irving locations in New England and Atlantic Canada?

Currently, this program is only available at participating locations in Quebec and Ontario.



How do I earn fuel rewards with my Irving Rewards card?

Swipe your Irving Rewards card with each fuel and in-store purchase to earn rewards. You will receive a 3¢-per-litre reward on cumulative purchases of 150 litres in fuel or $25 in qualifying merchandise in the store.

Can I earn rewards on fuel and in-store purchases at all Irving locations?

You can earn rewards on fuel purchases at all participating locations. For details on sites that offer in-store earn, please refer to our full terms & conditions on

What happens if I buy more than 150 litres of fuel or more than $25 of merchandise in the store in a single transaction? Do I earn more fuel rewards?

You’ll earn a 3¢-per-litre reward every time you reach 150 litres or $25 in the store. If you purchase more than 150 litres or $25 in the store in a single transaction, the remainder will be applied toward earning your next reward.

Is there a maximum fuel purchase amount when earning fuel rewards?

Yes, you can only earn rewards on purchases of up to 200 litres in a single transaction.

Once I earn a fuel reward, when will I be able to redeem it?

Once you earn a discount, it will be available for you to use on your next fuel purchase

MyIRVING app general inquiries

Can I log in to the MyIRVING app with Face or Touch ID?
Yes, app users can log in to the app using Face or Touch ID. Enable this feature in the security settings in your MyIRVING app. For additional guidance, follow our iOS or Android video instructions.

Can I register my Irving Rewards card in the app?
Yes, if you haven’t registered your card, you can do so right in the app!

Does the app replace my Irving Rewards card?
If you are only signed up for Irving Rewards, you will need to swipe your physical card to earn fuel rewards. However, if you have Irving Debit Pay, and have added it in the MyIRVING app, you can pay with the app at participating sites, and earn or use rewards without having to swipe any cards.

Can I make payments with my credit card on the MyIRVING app?
Payments can only be made through your Irving Debit Pay account using the Mobile Pay feature at participating sites. See the 'Mobile Pay feature' section for details.

I’m having technical issues - who do I contact?
Contact [email protected] or call 1.888.273.5222 Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 4 pm EST.

Mobile Pay feature

How does Mobile Pay work?
You’ll first need to link your Irving Rewards card to your bank account - this is Irving Debit Pay! Then, download the MyIRVING app and set up your Irving Debit Pay account. Mobile Pay allows you to use your mobile device to make purchases through your Irving Debit Pay. You’ll have the convenience of paying at the pump and inside the store in addition to saving on fuel.

Does Mobile Pay replace Irving Debit Pay?
The Mobile Pay feature will only work with Irving Debit Pay. Once set up within the app, you can pay at the pump or inside the store using your phone.

How do I use the Mobile Pay feature?
To enable the feature, tap the gear icon at the top of your home screen. Then, tap Payments and tap the Irving Debit Pay button. It will then ask you to log into your Irving Debit Pay account, or enroll if you're not already signed up. Once you successfully log in, your Irving Debit Pay account is now added to your wallet within the app.

To use the Mobile Pay feature, tap the red, circular PAY button on your home screen. You will then choose whether you're paying at the pump or inside the store.

  • If paying at the pump, the app will prompt you to enter the pump number where you'll be fueling. You'll then see the location address and the pump number you entered. In order to confirm the transaction, you'll be asked for your Irving Debit Pay PIN. Once it's successfully entered, exit your vehicle and begin fueling.
  • If you're paying for something inside the store, tap In-store you'll be asked to check out with Irving Debit Pay. Again, enter your PIN and a QR code will be generated. Please present the code for the cashier to scan.

Please note that location services must be turned on to use Mobile Pay.

Where can I use the app’s Mobile Pay feature?
Mobile Pay is limited to a number of sites in our network (scroll up to see the Mobile Pay site list) with plans to add more sites soon.

Can I use Mobile Pay to pay for my Irving Energy home heating?
We anticipate offering this in the future.


Is there a maximum fuel purchase amount when redeeming fuel rewards?

There is a maximum fill-up of 100 litres when you redeem your fuel reward. Once you reach this limit, the pump will automatically stop fuelling. If would like to purchase more than 100 litres, you must begin a new transaction.

How many fuel rewards can be redeemed per transaction?

You can redeem a maximum of $0.48 per litre, on up to 100 L in a single transaction. Any reward balance over $0.48 will be retained, to be used on a future redemption. Only one Irving Rewards card can be swiped during each transaction.

If your remaining reward balance is greater than $0.48, the receipt will only reflect $0.48 - as this is the maximum redemption allowed on your next fill-up. The remaining rewards >$0.48 will still be on your account, just not shown on the receipt in full.

You can view your full rewards balance by logging into the member portal at

Can fuel rewards be used for diesel purchases?

Yes, you can apply your fuel rewards to consumer diesel purchases.

Can I use a fuel reward more than once?
No, you can only use a fuel reward on one transaction (up to 100 L).


How can I see my rewards balance?

You can view all of your transactions and rewards balance by signing into your account at

Can I transfer my rewards to another Irving Rewards account?

You will only be able to transfer your rewards if you are replacing your card. If you would like to transfer your balance to a new card, please pick one up at a participating Irving location, and then call our Customer Support Team at 1.888.273.5222.

Can I have more than one Irving Rewards card linked to account?

An Irving Rewards card can only be linked to one Irving Rewards account.