Passenger Car Engine Oils

MAX1 Synthetic Blend - Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

MAX1 Synthetic Blend is formulated with ultra-pure synthetic base oils and superior additive technology.

ADVANT - Ultra High Performance Full Synthetic European

ADVANT 100% synthetic passenger car motor oil offers the ultimate in lubricant protection for European gasoline and diesel powered automobiles.

MAX1 ADVANCED – 100% Synthetic

MAX1 Advanced 100% Synthetic is ready to take on the demands placed on your engine oil. New engine hardware such as turbochargers, direct injection and variable valve timing (VVT) place increased stress on your engine oil. These advanced performance vehicles come with extreme temperatures and pressures; your engine oil needs to be just as advanced to handle this power.

MAX1 Conventional - Passenger Car Motor Oil

MAX1 Conventional Motor Oil has been formulated to meet or exceed the highest qualifications and specifications of the North American motor industry.