Passenger Car Engine Oils

MAX1 – Synthetic Blend

MAX1 Synthetic Blend is formulated with ultra-pure synthetic base oils and superior additive technology. We not only exceed the stringent requirements of API SN PLUS but also surpass the stricter limits defined by foreign and domestic automakers for some of their highest performing engines. 


ADVANT 100% synthetic passenger car motor oil offers the ultimate in lubricant protection for European gasoline and diesel powered automobiles. ADVANT is no ordinary motor oil, it is a sophisticated formula of quality, stable base stocks coupled with the latest in additive technology.  This formulation will deliver the performance and protection your engine demands. 

MAX1 ADVANCED – Full Synthetic Motor Oil

MAX1 ADVANCED 100% Synthetic is ready to take on the demands placed on your engine oil.  New engine hardware such as turbochargers, direct injection and variable valve timing (VVT) place increased stress on your engine oil.  These advanced performance vehicles come with extreme temperatures and pressures; your engine oil needs to be just as advanced to handle this power. 

MAX1 – Motor Oil

MAX1 Motor Oil performs above the standard requirements of the American Petroleum Institute’s highest performance level SN Plus, as well as the latest ILSAC GF-5 requirements for warranty of all domestic automobile manufacturers.