Automatic Transmission Fluids ATF

TRANSflo TO-4 – Synthetic Blend, Multi-Grade

TRANSflo TO 4 10W 40 is a premium synthetic blend transmission fluid specially formulated to meet the demanding requirements of Caterpillar’s latest performance specification: TO 4 & TO 4M.


TRANSflo CVT  is a synthetic  transmission fluid designed for use in Continuously Variable Transmissions.  This multi-vehicle CVT fluid provides excellent anti-shudder durability and friction protection to keep your transmission running smoothly. 


Irving TRANSflo LV is a full synthetic low viscosity multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid.


TRANSflo MV - Premium Multi-Vehicle

Irving TRANSflo MV was designed to meet the performance requirements of global transmissions from North American, European and Asian transmission manufactures.


TRANSflo F is a niche ATF developed specifically to meet the needs of Ford vehicles manufactured between 1950 and 1980. It was formally approved by Ford for specifications M2C33.


Irving TRANSflo is a premium product specially formulated for use in automatic transmissions manufactured in 2005 and earlier for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles.

TRANSflo TO-4 – Mineral, Monograde

TRANSflo TO-4 is a premium transmission fluid specially formulated to meet the exacting requirements of Caterpillar’s latest performance specification, TO-4.